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A culture of healing to last generations.
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Centered spaces llc.

Moving equity forward through Transformative Praxis


Transformative Praxis for Social Equity, Justice & Liberation.

Centered Spaces LLC. is collective of practitioners that specialize in coaching, consulting, training, and space-making to guide individuals, communities, and organizations toward intentional, transformative action.

We do this through creating cultures of care and cultural healing practice, which we believe to be a critical pre-requisite in the success of ANY inclusion/intercultural competence, diversity, equity, and access (IDEA) work.

We do this toward the horizon of social equity, justice, and liberation.

Our team has been doing this work for over a decade. We’re on the pulse of cultural healing modalities; mind/body practices; neuroscience, epigenetics, ACEs, and resiliency science - aka N.E.A.R. science; intercultural competency resources & approaches—all designed toward moving equity and social justice forward through our Transformative Praxis framework.

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Key Areas of Practice


The Centered Spaces LLC approach to coaching is grounded in the Transformative Praxis Framework™. We utilize proven methodologies, principles and tools to support anyone that wants to become more intentional & effective in their every-day IIDEA work.

workshops & Training

The team at Centered Spaces LLC has over 10 years of training and facilitation experience. Specializing in adult education, we provide interactive and intentional training programs and subject matter workshops.


IIDEA work is filled with complexity and trauma. Navigating it requires grace, skill, intention, and empathy, which is why our approach to IIDEA is grounded in the Transformative Praxis Framework™. Centered Spaces LLC brings the synergy and connection of lived experience, learned expertise, and proven methods to its consulting partnerships.


There is no such thing as a single-issue struggle, because we do not live single-issue lives.”
— Audre Lorde


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