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The work of equity, diversity, and inclusion is filled with complexity. Navigating it requires grace, skill, intention, and empathy, which is why our approach to EDI is grounded in the Transformative Praxis Framework™. Centered Spaces LLC brings the synergy and connection of lived experience, learned expertise, and proven methods to its consulting partnerships.


The Centered Spaces LLC approach to coaching is grounded in the Transformative Praxis Framework™. We utilize proven methodologies, principles and tools to support anyone that wants to become more intentional in their everyday equity, diversity & inclusion work.

  • Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI)

  • Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Access

  • Self-care & Compassion


The Centered Spaces LLC Healer In Residence service provides consistent, on-site, spaces for healing. Guiding employees with managing secondary and parallel traumas they may experience, especially for companies and organizations with direct service staff. Our team will provide 1-to-1 coaching and self-care services at a frequency and intensity that fits your unique needs.


Need something else? Reach out to the team at Centered Spaces Healing & Wellness LLC and schedule an exploratory conversation to see if our work aligns with your group or organization's needs. We have the ability and expertise to customize and design an event, product, or service.


The team at Centered Spaces LLC has over 10 years of training and interactive facilitation experience. Specializing in adult experiential education, we provide interactive and intentional training programs and subject matter workshops on various topics of equity, diversity & inclusion, including self-care and compassion.


The Centered Spaces LLC Radical Space Making service provides mindful, on-site, space making that demonstrates radical hospitality. Radical Space Making creates a welcoming space from entry to exit, and holds dedicated, physical space for both healing & self-care during meetings or events.