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The Daily Praxis: Transition Post

Greetings Change Makers!

We mentioned in our last Daily Praxis email that changes were coming based on feedback and reflection.
We’re ready to share those changes with you.


The Daily Praxis will be transitioning into a Virtual Coaching service.

We love providing daily practices AND while it’s a labor of love it is still labor!

If you value receiving our emails you can become a patron through our PATREON page, and you’ll continue to have have access to The Daily Praxis through our Virtual Coaching.

The minimum monthly contribution is $5. You’ll receive two emails each week - one with a practice and one with a reflection prompt. *Note: The Daily Praxis Virtual Coaching will resume in September.

This will be our final email, but we don’t want to say “goodbye.” Will you continue your practice with us for ~$1 per week? Sign up now!

If you’re ready to dig deeper, please see our website and reach out about our other coaching, training and consulting services.

Warmly & In Service,
~ The Centered Spaces Team

Camille CyprianComment