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The Daily Praxis: Make the Connection

Make the Connection (Explore) -

“If we aren’t intersectional, some of us, the most vulnerable, fall through the cracks.” - Kimberle Crenshaw

While intersectionality is about recognizing how systems of oppression perpetuate inequities, we also have to recognize the role that social identities have within the intersectional framework. 

A way that we generally understand “-isms,” are power + privilege; meaning that there is a system (power) in place to advantage or disadvantage a person based on their social identities - the advantage is for those that hold the socially dominant identity (privilege) and disadvantage socially marginal identities.

Today, let’s challenge ourselves to consider how or where our privileges and/or marginal identities align with what we’ve just learn about intersectionality, in order to incorporate that understanding into our practice.