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The Daily Praxis: Listen to Your Body

Listen to Your Body (Learn: Self Awareness) -

“You can’t pour from an empty cup.” - Proverb

The human body is quite amazing! It is constantly giving us signals intended to keep us at our optimal; processing information absorbed through external and internal sensors at lightning speeds. The socially dominant, socially normative, culture of the United States rewards and favors behaviors that sometimes contradict what our bodies (and brains) are telling us.

Often, when we feel overwhelmed, exhausted, or burned out it’s because we’ve ignored our “body language” (in a sense). This is crucial for change makers, because for us to be at our highest capacity to practice intercultural competence, we need to ensure that we are intentional with our restorative practices and in-tune, present, in our physical bodies.

Today, let’s challenge ourselves to listen to what our bodies are telling us and incorporate this active listening into our practice.

Camille CyprianComment