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The Daily Praxis: Empty the Knapsack

Empty the Knapsack (Explore) -

“I always wondered, ‘why doesn’t somebody do something about that,’ then I realized I was somebody” - Lily Tomlin

This week our Transformative Praxis is focused on privilege. The work of change makers increasing intercultural competence means not just recognizing and understanding systemic privilege (as we did with our offering the original 1988 Peggy McIntosh article Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack yesterday). But it’s also about taking action to disrupt, shift, and transform.

In 2014, some folks at The Praxis Center wrote a follow-up article called Emptying the White Knapsack, as an offering of actions that can be taken to disrupt, redistribute, and share systemic privilege.

Today, let’s challenge ourselves to read this follow-up article and incorporate what resonates into our practice.