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The Daily Praxis: Say "No."

Say “No.” (Vulnerability) -

“No, is a complete sentence.” - Susan Gregg

As change makers we often want to give all that we can in service to our passions, communities, organizations, movements, etc. Transformative Praxis is about finding the balance in our service to others and ourselves.

Self-care and compassion are not luxuries, they are requirements for change makers to be as impactful as we can be in our work. Auntie Audre Lorde said that caring for ourselves is an act of political warfare. In order to make sure we can continuously return to this work, we must learn to say no -- especially to the things that do not give us energy or feed our souls.

Today, let’s give ourselves permission to say “no,” to things that do not feed our spirits, and incorporate this into our practice.