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The Daily Praxis: Journal Your Journey - Stay True to Form (Reflective)

Journal Your Journey: Stay True to Form (Reflective)  -

“Reflection and action must never be undertaken independently.” - Paulo Freire

This week we’re checking back in on our Transformative Praxis Forms.
Today let’s explore our Reflective Form.

Reflective Form is how change makers make space for the increase of capacity to take place. Taking time to reflect helps us recenter, fill and feel our spirit which ensures that we’re making progress in our journey of Transformative Praxis.

The Daily Praxis offers a weekly ‘Journal Your Journey’ to assist in our Reflective Form - we think it’s THAT important for change makers. There are also many other reflective forms that are great to incorporate into our practice - meditation, writing, participating in traditional, cultural or religious rituals and ceremonies.

Today, let’s challenge ourselves to practice the Reflective Form of our practice.

Camille CyprianComment