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The Daily Praxis: Stay True to Form (Restorative)

Stay True to Form (Restorative) -

“Living in love is the context for all restoration and re-creation!” - Charles Stock

This week we’re checking back in on our Transformative Praxis Forms.
Today let’s explore our Restorative Form.

Restorative form is how change makers ensure that they can return to the work of building intercultural competence, it’s about maintenance. Being a change maker for intercultural competence is emotionally taxing! Having awareness and intentionality is exhausting and we need to restore our energy so that we can keep increasing our capacity to bridge between and across cultural differences.

Restorative forms like spending a day at the spa to be pampered is luxurious, and absolutely can be a restorative form, but maintenance should also mean sleeping well, staying hydrated, and having self compassion.

Today, let’s challenge ourselves to practice the Restorative Form of our practice.

Camille CyprianComment