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The Daily Praxis: Observe Yourself

Observe Yourself (Explore & Vulnerability) -

“Without self cannot be free.” - G. I. Gurdjieff

Yesterday, we had a technical glitch with the blog (we missed you too) — NO WORRIES!
Today’s Praxis is a two-for, to Explore and be Vulnerable.

One way we can keep our awareness front of mind, is to observe ourselves as well as our impact on others (impact, not intent).

Making honest observation of our own thoughts, words and actions help change makers identify where and how biases are presenting themselves. The most important, and maybe challenging, is being vulnerable enough with ourselves and admit we have internal work to do.

Today, let’s challenge ourselves to be vulnerable so that we can observe how and where our biases show up, and begin to incorporate this knowledge to move our practice further.

Camille CyprianComment