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The Daily Praxis: Breathe Deep

Breathe Deep (LEARN: Self-Awareness) —

Freedom is our capacity to pause between the stimulus and response - Rollo May

Breath. Breathing. Simple yet simultaneously wonderful; and often under-appreciated, as many simple wonders are. When was the last time you intentionally took a deep, chest & belly-filling breath?
Go ahead, take one now.

The simple act of taking a deep breath is a *BONUS* Transformative Praxis for change makers, because it also facilitates healing. When we take a deep breath, we increase oxygen flow to the parts of our brain that affords us the mental capacity to be mindful; to pause and become present.

When we take this pause, we can access more of our intercultural competencies, like recognizing our biases - especially when making decisions.

Today, let’s challenge ourselves to practice taking a deep breath throughout the day by making a commitment to take a breath before making a decision, and incorporate this into our practice.