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The Daily Praxis: Transformative Praxis L.E.V.E.R.S.

Yesterday, we shared a brief overview of our Transformative Praxis Framework and promised to give more detail about the L.E.V.E.R.S. process today:

L) Learn - Learning is necessary on two fronts, building our self-awareness and building our awareness of others.

E) Explore - Exploration is really about curiosity, gaining exposure, and having experiences with parts of culture in our primary awareness (art, music, dance, food, etc.).

V) Vulnerability - This is an essential step – and we know some don’t care for this word or its perceived connotations – but doing change-making work is a conscious choice to be vulnerable, expand empathy, and make the decision to act.

Once we’ve made that decision we begin to...

E) Engage - Engagement with parts of cultural difference that are outside of our primary awareness, like the nuance, meaning, and significance of art, music, dance, food, etc. Through these engagements we develop greater emotional & cultural intelligence and begin growing our capacity to shift behavior based on interactions.

R) Reflect - Reflecting on the engagement(s) is how we make space for behavioral shifts. This allows for us to continue refining our inter-cultural competence as we continuously go through the Transformative Praxis cycle.

S) Self-Care and Compassion - These practices anchor the entire Transformative Praxis Framework process, so that we do not “burn out.” Consistent, intentional practice is mental & emotional labor, therefore we need to replenish our energy in order to remain in service as change-makers.

You’ll see the L.E.V.E.R.S. identified in each post of The Daily Praxis, so you’ll know where we are in the Transformative Praxis cycle, and which types of actions activate the L.E.V.E.R.S.

We hope you’ve gained something of value from our introduction to Centered Spaces Transformative Praxis Framework. The Daily Praxis officially kicks off Monday!