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The Daily Praxis

The Daily Praxis: Identify Support

Identify Support (Explore) -

“Everyone must do their own work, but there’s no need to do the work alone.” - Norma Wong

Yesterday, we challenged ourselves to find our forms, here’s mine:

Artistic -  Painting (monthly)

Physical - 10 Step Tai Chi (daily)

Generosity - “Thank You” notes (weekly)

Restorative - Drink 60oz of water (daily)

Reflective - Meditation (daily)

Remember, these forms help our Transformative Praxis by cultivating our self awareness - an essential component for increasing intercultural competence.

Today, let’s challenge ourselves to investigate the support we will need to incorporate this into our practice. Do you need to find a cooking class or yoga meet-up? Explore what you’ll need to be successful.