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The Daily Praxis: Find Your Form

Find Your Form (Learn: Self Awareness) -

“Whenever you are creating beauty around you, you are restoring your own soul.”  - Alice Walker

Transformative Praxis’ that cultivate self awareness are all about making space for us to reconnect and restore so that we can increase our intercultural competence. There are many ways to “make space” for practice, so this week, we’re going to focus on finding our forms.

Forms are outlets of expression that build self-awareness for change makers. The forms do not have to be expressions that we already perform, but should be things we generally find joy in and are accessible for our practice.

Currently Transformative Praxis has 5 forms:

Artistic - creative (i.e. cooking, painting, music/singing)

Physical - movement (i.e. dance, tai chi, yoga, walking)

Generosity - empathy (i.e. volunteering, gratitude practice)

Restorative - maintenance (i.e. hydration, sleep, self-talk)

Reflective - spirit (i.e. mediation, writing, ritual/ceremony)

Today, let’s challenge ourselves to find our forms! Spend 15 minutes, with minimal distractions, and identify each of our forms, so that we can begin to incorporate them into our practice.