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The Daily Praxis: An Introduction...continued

We shared exciting news yesterday about The Daily Praxis - a daily communication of a simple, transformative action designed to help IDEAL (inclusion, diversity, equity, access, and liberation) change-makers become better practitioners through increasing intercultural competencies.

Today, we’re going to share a bit more about the Centered Spaces Transformative Praxis Framework. While the framework graphic is making its way through the process for public sharing, knowing a bit more about it will help IDEAL change-makers be better, more consistent, practitioners.

Centered Spaces’ Transformative Praxis Framework functions as an intercultural development framework designed to increase intercultural competence by utilizing our identified process of transformation called L.E.V.E.R.S (Learning, Exploration, Vulnerability, Engagement, Reflection, and Self-Care/Compassion). Taking action through this cyclical process is what deepens the practice of intercultural competence for change-makers.

Each post of The Daily Praxis will provide a simple action related to one of the Transformative Praxis Framework L.E.V.E.R.S.

Tomorrow, in our final introduction piece (action steps start Monday, May 6!), we’ll share more detail about the Transformative Praxis Framework L.E.V.E.R.S.