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The Daily Praxis: Know the Land’s Creation Story

Know the Land’s Creation Story (ENGAGEMENT) -

“To understand the reasons you must first look at the origins.”  ― Anthony T. Hinckst

This week, we’ve shared Transformative Praxises that center being a better ally and changemaker to change the narrative of Indigenous invisibility. We’re going to go deeper into the Praxis of knowing where you stand with regard to Indigenous land.

Knowing the origin story, of the land, of our families, and of the communities we’re apart of (or trying to bridge with), can enhance our intercultural competence by providing nuance to our understanding of our own and other’s ways of being and seeing the world.

Today, let’s challenge ourselves to get familiar with the Indigenous creation story or stories of the places we live (we already know the Indigenous nation because we explored that a few days ago), and incorporate this knowledge into our practice.