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The Daily Praxis: Know Where You Stand

Figure Out Where You Stand (EXPLORE) -

“Getting to know to know these things in an intimate way, is what essentially, will change people's minds, change people's hearts.” - Nigit'stil Norbert (Gwich'ya Gwich'in)

Yesterday, our challenge was to learn more about being an ally. One Transformative Praxis that can promote intercultural competence, as well as, demonstrate ally-ship to change Indigenous invisibility to is knowing which Native nation’s land we’re on - where we live, work, and play (visit or vacation).

Knowing “where we stand” literally - is an act of reconciliation and recognition of a native nation’s relationship with and to the land, and honors indigenous ways of being and knowing. Acknowledging Indigenous land is a simple, powerful way of showing respect and a step toward countering the erasure of Indigenous people’s history and culture.

Today, let’s challenge ourselves to spend time identifying where we stand on Indigenous land, and incorporate this knowledge into our practice.