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The Daily Praxis: Be an Ally

Be an Ally and Change Indigenous Invisibility  (LEARN: Awareness of Others) -

“I am invisible, understand, simply because people refuse to see me” - Ralph Ellison

Indigenous people, nationally and internationally, have been working to shift the narratives of social invisibility for native nations, communities, and citizens. The Reclaiming Native Truth initiative -- designed to eradicate harmful and toxic narratives, stereotypes, structural and institutional racism, dehumanization, and the invisibility of Native Americans, is one of many working to combat erasure.

Being a change maker often means being an ally -- amplifying and lending, not just voice but power, toward inclusive and positive narrative of others, particularly native nations, citizens and indigenous ways of knowing and being. Ally-ship is part of Transformative Praxis because the better our intercultural competence, the better ally we are!

Today, let’s challenge ourselves to learn what it means to be an ally in combating native erasure. Take 5 minutes to view the introduction video to Reclaim Native Truth or read their Guide for Allies for us to incorporate into our practice.