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The Daily Praxis: Journal Your Journey

Journal Your Journey (REFLECTION) -

“We do not learn from experience, we learn from reflecting on experience” - John Dewey

Reflection is another anchoring concept of Transformative Praxis and it’s another *BONUS*
It allows us to process our experiences and learn from them; which also promotes healing.

Developing skills for intercultural competence requires us to balance self-awareness with awareness of others. Having a reflective practice develops emotional intelligence — a key component to enhancing empathy. Remember, building empathy increases our capacity to inter-culturally adapt.

Today, let’s challenge ourselves to start a Transformative Praxis Reflection Journal and answer this question:
What am I called to do in service to change making work?

The Daily Praxis will provide a weekly reflection question to intentionally incorporate reflection into our practice, it’s THAT important!

Camille Cyprian