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The Daily Praxis: An Introduction to Transformative Praxis Framework

I started Centered Spaces because I wanted to support individuals, communities, and institutions in their inclusion, diversity, equity, access and liberation (IDEAL) efforts. I created the Transformative Praxis Framework as my offering to those committed to consistently and intentionally increasing intercultural competence, through becoming a practitioner.

The most persistent question we hear in our workshops, training, and consulting is how?
What can be done, now, to move toward greater intercultural competence? It’s a question with a lot of complexity, however, we felt we could be of greater service to support our purpose of achieving equity through transformative praxis.

This blog, The Daily Praxis, was created to offer a simple, yet meaningful, action step to increase intercultural competence, each weekday. These steps are developed using Centered Spaces Transformative Praxis Framework. We’ll share more details on the design and intent for The Daily Praxis in the next couple posts. Monday we’ll begin sharing the transformative action steps.